Chelika particia
Chelika particia

Aug 03, 2023

In life as social beings, there is what we call relationships, whether it is with other humans or other living creatures. In this life, it is more important to build emotional connections with fellow human beings, including family, friends, and partners. Even emotional closeness with a newborn baby is essential.

Emotional closeness influences how someone forms relationships

Emotional closeness is built from an early age, starting from the moment we are born into this world. Unfortunately, this is something that many people lack or even completely miss out on, not receiving their emotional needs early in life, whether it's from their parents or siblings as the closest individuals.

As a consequence of unmet emotional needs, a person may seek attention from others and find it challenging to cope with any form of separation. This triggers them to employ various methods to seek that attention.

Hence, below are various ways to build emotional closeness with loved ones!

1.       Spending time with someone we love

Typically, individuals who lack emotional closeness tend to isolate themselves or seek attention from others who may not be close to them. That's why we must always be sensitive to our surroundings, including those who are our own siblings. Starting from now, let's make an effort to spend time with our loved ones, whether they are family members or close friends. Engage in fun activities, spread positivity within the family, and create more cherished memories.

This can be applied to close friends as well. Spend time together on picnics, shared meals, playing games, or any activity that brings joy and fosters a deeper emotional bond.

2.       Being open about your feelings

Being open about our feelings and sharing thoughts and emotions is one of the best ways to build trust and closeness with someone close to us. Taking the time to talk with them prevents gaps from forming and allows for more meaningful discussions.

Besides being open about our own feelings, it's also important to be a good listener to those around us whom we care about. Engaging in heartfelt conversations encourages the development of a sense of reliance and trust in one another.

3.       Sharing responsibilities

The fact is, as social beings, we often depend on those closest to us in many aspects. That's why it is crucial in family life or close relationships with someone to share tasks and responsibilities for each other's actions.

For example, we can do simple things such as washing dishes, sweeping the house, tidying up the room, cooking, and so on. Demonstrating this affection to our family is proof of how much we value household matters or being part of a family and how responsible we are. By lightening the household burden, it shows that each family member can rely on each other for mutual assistance.

4.       Improving communication

Communication is the key to everything, especially when it comes to building emotional closeness with others. If we don't feel comfortable communicating with family members, it can be challenging for a family to establish a close emotional bond.

Communication goes beyond just words; it can be verbal and nonverbal, including facial expressions and body language. How we control our emotions and actions also speaks volumes about our communication skills.

For example, showing unpleasant facial expressions when asked for help by parents may give the impression that we are not willing to assist sincerely. Rolling our eyes when a sibling is speaking to us can create the impression that we are not interested in listening. Therefore, it's essential to improve our choice of words and body gestures to create better communication within the family.

Nonverbal cues play a significant role in expressing our feelings, intentions, and attitudes towards others. By being aware of and improving both verbal and nonverbal communication, we can foster a more understanding and supportive environment within the family, leading to stronger emotional connections.

5.       Being a good and active listener

As mentioned before, listening to each other with our loved ones is an essential part of building emotional closeness. Therefore, it is crucial for all of us to practice empathy and listening skills.

Pay close attention to what others are saying and engage with empathy. Listen to what they feel and try not to comment until you truly understand their situation.

Sometimes, people close to us just want to express their feelings, and they want us to listen without seeking advice or assistance. At other times, they may genuinely need our advice, and that's when we must ensure that we truly understand their situation.

By being good listeners and empathetic, we create a safe and supportive space for others to talk about their feelings and thoughts. By giving our wholehearted attention, we can strengthen emotional closeness with our loved ones and build more meaningful and supportive relationships.

6.       Painting by numbers.

Painting by numbers is a creative and enjoyable activity that can also contribute to building emotional closeness with others. It involves using a kit with a canvas divided into various numbered sections, each corresponding to a particular color of paint. By following the numbers and applying the corresponding colors, a beautiful and intricate artwork is created.

Engaging in this activity with family members, friends, or a partner can be a fun and relaxing way to spend quality time together. It allows for conversation, laughter, and shared experiences while working on the same project. This collaborative effort can strengthen bonds and foster a sense of togetherness.

Painting by numbers can also be an excellent way to express emotions and creativity, which can lead to meaningful discussions and connections between participants. It's a low-pressure and enjoyable way to engage with loved ones, making it an effective tool for building emotional closeness and forming cherished memories.

Relationships are just like plants that grow well because they are continuously nurtured and cared for. So, do your best to enhance and cultivate your relationship with someone you love.

Chelika particia
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